1. Fees are payable monthly by Direct Debit. Please set up your Direct Debit Mandate in your childs Club Organiser account and your fees will be automatically collected monthly between September and June. Please email
if you require your login details to be emailed to you again.

2. If a period of five swimming lessons is missed without informing the teacher, your place will be offered to a child on the waiting list.

3. Parents are not permitted to watch lessons, other than on a designated Watch Week. If you need to discuss any issue with the teacher, please do so at the end of a lesson.


From age 7, children should use the correct changing area to prevent embarrassing moments, i.e.
boys in boys’ changing room and girls in girls’ changing room.
Only whereyour child is aged 7 years
or over
and needs assistanceshould a member of the same sexaccompany them into the correct
changing room. Changing in the corridors is
not permitted.

6. Parents waiting for children during a swimming lesson must wait in the foyer and not sit in the
changing rooms, to avoid embarrassment to older swimmers.

7. No nail varnish or jewellery to be worn when swimming (including earrings in newly pierced ears).

8. Girls will wear one-piece swimsuits and boys either trunks or short, fitted swimwear.

9. All pupils are required to wear the club swimming hat.

10. All children must have a shower before coming through to the pool area.

11. Swimming Teachers are only responsible for pupils in the pool area. Parents are fully responsible for their children outside the pool area, including the changing rooms.

12. Do not climb on radiators or window sills or damage school property.

13. No ball games or running in the corridors or elsewhere on the school property, including outside.

14. To prevent accidents in the pool (which results in 24 hr pool closure) please do not allow your children to eat for at least 1 hour before swimming.

15. FIRE ALARM. Any child or parent in a changing room, corridor or foyer when the fire alarm is
activated must
​ ​leave the building immediately. Go to the ‘Assembly Point’ – the Sports Hall car park –
where you will meet children and teachers who were in the pool area at the time of the alarm.

16. It is parents/carers responsibility to keep the club informed and up-to-date with any change/addition to
swimmers medical history or personal details such as address, phone no, emergency contact details
All of these details can be updated by yourself on your childs Club Organiser account.

The use of phones in the changing rooms is strictly prohibited.

18. Parents and members must register their intention with the club, prior to taking photos in the pool area
– watch week and galas included. Photographs taken should fall within ASA guidelines, see

19. The committee at their discretion and on behalf of the club has the right to refuse or terminate
membership at any given time and without reason or prior notice.

20. Complaints should be referred to the club chairman – see club notice board for contact details.

21. Cancellation of your membership with us is required 30 days in advance in writing to – all fees are payable until the end of the 30 day notice period.